Warby Parker Innovative Social Media Strategy

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The eye wear industry is hundreds of years old and the method of selling eye-wear products has been pretty consistent since the beginning of the industry. This sparks the question of how can eye-wear companies take a different approach with sales in such an established industry? After all, changing a person’s habits and perception is pretty tough. Well, one company was able to figure out how to modernize the sale of eye-wear making it an easier process for consumers. Warby Parker, founded in 2010, modernized the sale of eye-wear using social media as the main marketing platform. Social media aids the company’s alternative business because it gave them an outlet to personally communicate with their consumers and launch campaigns that helped ease any uncertainty relating to purchasing eye-wear online. If the company had used a traditional media environment, then they would not be able to have that interaction with consumers or be able to change the narrative of how eye-wear should be sold. Traditional media allows for great campaigns to be created, but it does not give room for change once a campaign has been published. That is the beauty of social media. Although it is important to keep a consistent message, social media gives the opportunity to make immediate changes based on trends.   

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Social media was created for connection and engagement. How does a company who only sells products online fill the need for human interaction that consumers desire? In order to fill this need Warby Parker consistently communicates with, and responds to, customer comments on their social media platforms. The transnational media also includes the encouragement of user generated content. According to Business to Community 50% of consumers say that seeing user-generated content would increase their chances of buying products. This encourages consumer input and help make them feel as if they are apart of the brand. These tools can help ensure that a customer has a positive experience which can lead to referrals and loyalty.

Warby Parker’s social media strategy helped reduce dissonance for consumers that are considering switching eyeglass brands by doing market research and addressing any concerns their potential consumers may have had. The company took an educational approach by learning what concerns consumers have and addressing them on their social media profiles, especially their YouTube account. Campaign such as the Home Try-On campaign allowed for the company to present their products to the public with low risk which helped with purchase decisions and increased word of mouth promotion. Not only did the company build trust through education, they also build trust though their corporate social responsibility strategy. By teaming up with the company VisionSpring, the company is able to provide a pair of eyeglasses for a person in need for every pair of Warby Parker glasses that a consumer purchases. To date, Warby Parker has given away 500,000 pairs of glasses. This type of strategy helps present the company to the public as caring which can positively influence sales. The message that clear vision is deserving of all people is clear and a narrative that can be featured on their social media profiles.

This is a company that has mastered the art of social media and as technology evolves they will continue to be able to assist customers have the vision they deserve. In the future I can see the company taking advantage of augmented reality technology to allow customers to virtually try on glasses before they make a purchase. This is a company to look up to regarding social media use and growing a business. What do you think could be in store for this great company next?


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2 thoughts on “Warby Parker Innovative Social Media Strategy

  1. Very Interesting read Rachel. Your post really leads me to understand how important an audience analysis is for a company. With the Warby Parker knowing that they wanted to go with a different business model such as selling eye glasses online. The team had to come to the conclusion that they were not marketing to adults in the older generation. Understanding this allowed them to target the younger demographic who utilize social media on a regular. I think that by them utilizing the Home Try-on Campaign allowed them even more access to into their target audience.


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